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about MIRA

Once my grandparents used to run this place! 

I feel so honored to stand here today, i can still feel their presence and them watching over me. 


With MIRA, i love to create a temple for healing. 

To get in contact with yourself again. 

Feel the feels you need to feel. 

I will work with reiki, crystal healing, somatic work and there will be some room to improvise.

Tap in to the energy of the moment.


Often it happens that guides, (past) loved ones or spiritbabies will join our session. 

Mira also contains a little shop with preloved treasures and handmade goods. 

Feel welcome to visit! 


REIKI can be placed in the group of

alternative medicine.

It is an energy healing practice,

where the practitioners hands will be placed

on or above the body. (You will still be wearing clothes.)   

The reiki energy will find its
 way wherever it is needed. 

It can also be done from distance. This way is ideal for kids, animals or people who have to stay in bed. 


CRYSTAL HEALING is a practice where the crystals work their magic. 

In SOMATIC WORK we will start a conversation with the body. This is a very efficient and playful way of transforming pain quite quickly. 


I will combine the different modalities and work intuitively. 

It has an overall calming effect on the nervous system and will get you in a deep meditative state. (The effect will be different for each individual .)

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